Tyndale Chapel – Stage Lighting Upgrade

Tyndale University College  – 3377 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON

Project Description:   Tyndale Chapel – Stage Lighting Upgrade

Project Value:             Approx. $25,000


Tyndale College and Seminary was looking for a better solution for lighting the chancel area within their main chapel for an assortment of varied services/events/performances throughout the year.  The stage lighting solution that Tyndale had in place while effective, was a cumbersome assortment of stage lighting on temporary lighting stands placed in and around the stage area.

The challenge was for a lighting solution that would still effectively light the stage area, but one which would fit/blend in much better with the ascetics of the space.


Working with Tyndale’s AV staff we determined that “hiding” lighting elements from view as much as possible would preserve the architectural features of this wonderfully unique facility.

So we determined that placement of lighting elements in the downstage sides of the stain glass window recesses (which line the Chapel walls), would allow for as much concealment of the lighting elements as was possible. This placement would also allow for a higher placement of lighting fixtures compared to what was previously in place allowing for a more even/consistent stage wash then was previously in place.

We did this by fabricating 8 custom lighting bars that were mounted vertically in the first four window recesses on either side of the stage, and then mounted 16 Chauvet COLORdash Par H121P LED fixtures which were powered by Middle Atlantic RLM-20-1AC power modules which allowed for remote power distribution to each individual lighting bar.

The DMX control commands for the 16 LED lights were distributed to these new lighting fixtures using a pair of CHAUVET Data Stream 4 optical splitters, utilizing the existing DMX control infrastructure which was already in place within the chapel.