sosoundcouncil workshopund council is a series of training workshops facilitated by DWL audio-visual. If your church community would benefit from technical training, we’d love to serve.

Below are a number of workshops we have previously prepared and presented.  We are happy to present any of of them, combine them, or create new content tailored for your team!

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Every Knob, Button, and Fadermixwizard

A primer to sound system operation, this workshop starts with the fundamentals of sound, discusses what every control on the sound board does, the basics of gain structure, EQing, and simple mixing techniques.

This workshop is a great starting point for any one new to “pro audio” equipment.  Jump in with us!

Outboard Gear – Dynamics, Effects, and EQacp88

A natural progression from “Every Knob, Button, and Fader”, this workshop gets into the details of how dynamics processing, effects, and graphic EQ’s work.  Learn not only how they work, but how you should use them to get better sound in your church!

This workshop is invaluable to anyone who’s recently invested in a digital mixer and now as all these amazing tools available to them.

Fundamentals of Visual Media Creation for Worshipbarco present

Learn the fundamentals of visual media creation and develop the tools you need to produce and project high quality lyric slides for your church!

This simple workshop is a great asset to any community that has recently invested in a video projection system.  While the technical operation of theses systems is generally quite straight forward, they require the creation of meaningful content to be used well.

Stage Setup and Microphone TechniqueTurbosound shot

Learn the proper way to set up a stage, covering topics like cable management and proper use of microphone stands.  Jump into the characteristics of different microphones and how to get the most out of the microphones you have!

This workshop is a great one to bring musicians and worship leaders in, encouraging a team environment where setup and tear down is done together.

Mixing Contemporary Music for WorshipRHCCC shot

Mixing is an art, is it also a science?  In this workshop we unpack the fundamentals of a good mix, discussing the role and place of different things within the mix and exploring the understanding of a good “Mix Pyramid”.

This is a favorite to teach – bringing together the art and science of what we do!