First Hamilton CRC

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Project Description:

Project Value:

Approx. $85,000


The community at First Hamilton CRC was renovating an existing church building.

The sanctuary needed video projectors and screens added, capable of delivering high quality images in high levels of ambient light. Sightlines where also challenging as screens could not be mounted in the center obstructing the cross or organ pipes.

While much of the sound system was to be re-used from a previous installation, the position of the mixer was to be moved and stage pockets and cabling had to be entirely re-done.

Distributed audio was also required throughout hallways and into two nurseries.

Upstairs, a fellowship hall needed a projector and basic sound system for congregational meetings and small groups/ministries’ meetings.


Working in closely with the team from Invizij Architects we did careful analysis of sightlines taking into consideration the layout of the sanctuary, areas where we could not mount screens, and pendant lights that might either obstruct images or projector beam paths.

Two Sony projectors where used, each boasting 7,000 lumens and WUXGA resolution. These projectors allow great quality images, even with high levels of ambient light from large leaded glass windows. Motorized Large Cosmopolitan Electrol Screens where used, allowing them to be rolled out of sight when not used.

Although much of the audio equipment was repurposed from a previous installation, 5 new floor boxes where added, feeding a patch panel at the amplifier rack location. The amplifiers where also moved out of the sanctuary into a storage closet, eliminating the heat and noise from the worship space. The control location was also moved from an awkward spot in the front corner to a much better location two thirds of the way back.

High quality components where used in the hallways and fellowship hall as well; using EAW speakers and another Sony projector.

Renovations always bring complications and scheduling challenges. We where proud to be one of the few trades to complete this project on time; we where especially proud to finish it 10% under the original AV budget even after adding distributed audio in the hallways and nursery.

FHCRC - rack

FHCRC - FOH rack