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A Shared Monitor Mix – The Art Of Diplomacy

In my early years as a volunteer “Sound Guy” at my local Church I had the opportunity to mix sound for a wonderfully talented worship leader/pastor, Sam.  Sam had the ability to engage the congregation at a number of different spiritual levels, and at the same time he could also play guitar and sing as well as anyone I have ever met.  However my challenge at the time was in mixing and maintaining an adequate monitor mix for Sam, as well as those who performed alongside of Sam in the worship band, who shared the same monitor and monitor mix as Sam. Read more

THE BASICS: How to EQ a channel (a quick-start method for beginners).

I have mentioned before that more times than not we find volunteers at Churches intimidated by the sound board at their Church. While they might know the basics, most volunteers are too intimidated to do much and more than turning things on or off (at times being told outright not touch anything else).

Well I am here to tell you to let your volunteer sound people explore and learn.  I would refer you back to an earlier blog posting of mine “Only Push This Button…….. Never Touch Anything Else !!!!” for more thoughts on this point.

So in support of starting to understand I wanted to explain a very basic method for adjusting some of those mystery dials your soundboard, specifically the EQ (equalization) settings.

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Who should you ask to be part of the sound crew at your Church.

As someone who has been a A/V volunteer at my Church for almost 20 years now, I am always asked by Churches what to look for in getting someone to do sound for a Church. And while that might seem to be a simple question, it is really not.

So let me see if I can shed some light on what I think are the 3 most important qualities to look for in a volunteer sound person for your Church. Read more

“Only Push This Button…….. Never Touch Anything Else !!!!”

In our visits to churches we see a wide variety of sound systems, and often they are many years old and overgrown with labels and signs and warnings. Systems often have labels or barriers on certain controls suggesting that no one should touch them, as doing so might alter the natural order of all things sound. While I understand the motive in not wanting someone to mess up settings and levels that were established at some point in time in the past, I think there also becomes a fear over time that someone might do something wrong that cannot be fixed. However, this isn’t the way that things should ultimately be. Read more

Volunteers – Wash, Rinse, Repeat !!!

In our role as AV consultants and integrators for Churches across Southern Ontario we are constantly being introduced to creative ways in which the various Churches we come in contact with operate their ministries.  And without singling one Church out specifically, I wanted to share with you an idea I came across a few months ago.

One thing that is consistent among many of the Churches we visit is the need to engage members of our congregations to participate in helping with activities, tasks, programs, charities and events that inevitably require individuals to volunteer their time to help with.  And while there are a great number of dedicated volunteers doing great work in our Churches, Read more