Quiet Please !!!!!

I have often been asked what my job is as a sound person at my local Church.  And consistently I will always tell people that my main responsibility is to ensure that people do not know I am there.

So what do I mean by that?

  • Well if I am doing my job correctly the congregation will be focused on the worship service and not be turning around to look in my direction because they can’t hear the pastor’s message (even if the pastor was the one who muted their own microphone)
  • If I am doing my job correctly, the only feedback the congregation will hear are comments on today’s sermon from the person sitting in the pew next to them.
  • If I am doing my job correctly the congregation will love the talented worship band and not think that it is hard to hear the lyrics again this week, or that it is much too loud, or not loud enough (bit of a balancing act there).
  • If I am doing my job correctly the congregation will be able to hear the quiet voices of the children’s choir, who never seem to want to be half-as-loud as they are when they are in the pews with their parents.
  • If I am doing my job correctly I will have all my gear set up and working well in advance of the start of service (or even in advance of anyone who needs to practice before service).
  • And most importantly, if I am doing my job correctly I will not be talking at any point in time during a service unless it is absolutely necessary (and then only in a very hushed whisper). Why? Well, because there are typically people right in front of the Audio/Video desk who came to Church this morning presumably because they want to worship, rather than wanting to hear chatter from the audio and video desk throughout the service.

I understand that mistakes will happen, when I will get noticed from time to time because of some type of technical problem or a missed queue, we are all only human.  But the next time you decide to drop by the sound desk during a service please don’t be offended if the sound guy SHUSHES YOU!!!!!  Because after all we want everyone focused on what’s going on at the front of the Sanctuary, not at the back of the Sanctuary.

And finally, can someone politely remind the Pastor again that this “quiet rule” at the A/V desk applies to him as well!!!

Quiet Please !!!!!

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